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We are a family owned business in which we worry about our clients and their families for which we appreciate all your support in these hard enduring times; on the behalf of our team, we will be fulfilling all the cleaning protocols. Beforehand, the window tint installation is done by the following steps:

  • Computer cutting the film
  • Cleaning the window from the inside (with a mixture of water and soap)
  • Installing the film from the inside(with a mixture of water and soap)
  • Clean the window inside and out.( with a mixture of Windex and alcohol) .

Window film is typically installed after surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and wiped using a formulated cleaner and scrub pads. A simple soap solution is squirted on the glass before the film layer is applied. Window film is typically installed on the interior side of a window.


In our lobby we have the following items for customer’s safety:

  • hand sanitizer available for our clients
  • Clorox wipes 
  • Air Freshener  

Our priority is to take care of our clients and their families as if they were our own.

Block Heat

Block out 70% of summer heat

hold shattered glass

Hold shattered glass together


Protect the privacy and contents of your car

uv block

Block 99% of harmful UV rays during driving

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