Let us show you why we are a professional quality installation company with integrity you can trust!


We are an  …XPEL  Authorized Dealer and we are experienced professional installers offering the best products and highest quality of service to our clients in Phoenix and throughout the valley. We are proud to be a …XPEL authorized dealer because it shows our clients that we care to offer an amazing product that will be a great investment in their cars. Our array of high-quality auto films will protect your car’s interior as well as you and your family from damaging UV rays, heat, and glare while providing a high-end decorative look. …XPEL PRIME  comes from the latest, top of the line nano-ceramic, high performance metallic hybrid, and even traditional dyed window tint options, there’s a PRIME  film for every application. It outperforms other types of tint to keep you comfortable and protected. All PRIME Window Tint is backed by lifetime transferable warranty.  In addition we provide a written labor guarantee.


*PRIME XR PLUS  Developed with multilayer, nano ceramic technology, PRIME XR PLUS combines clarity with maximum performance. offering 98% infrared heat rejection, it keeps drivers and passengers comfortable and protected. 


*PRIME XR Utilizing nano ceramic particle technology PRIME XR maintains a consistent, flawless appearance and clarity.  Rejecting up to 88% infrared heat, PRIME XR provide the comfort and performance expected from a premium automotive window film. .


Developed with hybrid, dye-metal construction, PRIME HP  offers more heat rejection that traditional dyed films. Its enhanced reflective finish makes it perfect blend of value and performance.


PRIME CS reduces infrared heat, cuts glare and protects drivers and passengers from harmful UV rays. Available in broad range of VLT (Visible light transmittance) percentages, PRIME CS is perfect solution to enhance the driving experience for all. 

Our excellent customer service can help you choose the best shade that fits your needs, while providing maximum comfort and appearance.