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SunTek Products

We are a SunTek Authorized Dealer and we are experienced professional installers offering the best products and highest quality of service to our clients in Phoenix and throughout the valley. We are proud to be a SunTek authorized dealer because it shows our clients that we care to offer an amazing product that will be a great investment in their cars. Our array of high-quality auto films will protect your car’s interior as well as you and your family from damaging UV rays, heat, and glare while providing a high-end decorative look. It comes from light tones to darkest and they are backed by manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. In addition we provide a written labor guarantee.

CIR™ (CeramicIR)

* Ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology.
* Non-reflective, “black” finish that will not fade.
* Exceptional heat and infrared rejection.
* No signal interference.
* Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty* with protection against film fading. 

CXP Window Film

CarbonXP offers enhanced performance for high-end applications. Features and benefits include;

* The latest in non metal. nano hybrid. Carbon technology.
* Non-reflective. “Black” finish that will not fade.
* Superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection for increased comfort.
* Signal enabling technology that causes no interference with cell phone, radio, or navigation system signals.
* Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty, that includes fading.

Carbon Window Film.

* A proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative carbon technology.
* Non-reflective. “black” finish that will not fade.
* Great solar performance with advanced UV protection.
* No metal layers that can cause interference with cell phone, radio, or navigation system signals on high-end vehicles.
* Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty, that includes fading.

High Performance Tint

* A dyed-metal, hybrid construction.
* Charcoal, bronze, and blue options that will enhance the look of any vehicle.
* Superior heat rejection and glare reduction for added comfort.
* Excellent optical clarity.
* Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

Our excellent customer service can help you choose the best shade that fits your needs, while providing maximum comfort and appearance.